“Fear: You’re allowed to have a seat, and you’re allowed to have a voice, but you are not allowed to have a vote.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Where are you located?
Let’s be honest, getting anywhere in Nashville is a challenge these days. However, my office is is relatively easy to get to and located in the coolest part of town: HISTORIC MUSIC ROW! We even have PARKING!
1222 16th Ave South

Suite 24
Nashville, TN 37212

How much do you charge and what kinds of payment do you accept?
I charge $85 for a 55 minute session; I accept cash (who does that anymore?), checks and all major credit cards using a square reader. Please do not make your check out in advance.

Do you offer a sliding scale?
I don’t do a traditional sliding scale that requires submission of income verification or W-2 tax forms. That doesn’t show the true picture for anyone and I’ve always thought it sounded like it could slide to something else at any time.

I do, at times, have reduced rate slots available. Please contact me if you have legitimate need for a reduced rate to determine availability.

Do you accept insurance?
While I understand the desire to utilize insurance we pay a LOT of money for these days, I do not accept insurance of any kind at this time. I prefer to work with you on a reduced rate than invite an insurance company into the mix to determine how many times we can meet and demand we label you in order for me to get paid.

When do you see clients?

I see Lipscomb University students on campus on Tuesdays and currently see clients on Music Row on Mondays and Thursdays beginning at 3 pm. 

How do I make an appointment?
You are welcome to leave a message on my confidential voicemail at 615-866-8859.
You may also use the contact form here or email me directly. I am the only one who checks the voicemail or email. I will be the one to get back with you personally.

How long are sessions?
While the majority of my clients say sessions go so fast, they feel like they’re only ten minutes, therapy sessions are typically 55 minutes long.

I do schedule longer sessions (90-120 minutes) in advance when requested and the time is available.

What should I expect on my first visit?
Once we schedule an appointment, I will email you the initial paperwork including some background information to allow us to utilize all of our session time getting to know one another and reducing the amount of time completing forms.

I will look over the paperwork throughout the session and explore anything noteworthy in greater detail with you. I usually spend a few minutes providing some information about me, my background and approach to give you a sense of what to expect going forward. We can then determine how you want to approach working together and what you want to work on first. This can take a session to a session and a half, so the first visit isn’t typically therapy, but a getting to know each other session and determining where to go.

How long will therapy take?
That is an excellent question and one that is difficult to answer at the outset. The easiest way to answer that is to say that therapy is over when you believe you have achieved what you set out to achieve.

No two clients come to therapy for the same amount of time. Clients working with me have come for 6 sessions and addressed what they wanted to; others have been working with me for two years (now only coming once a month for check ins).

My goal is to help you achieve some level of relief as quickly as possible while not ending therapy prematurely. Clients typically come weekly for the first six sessions, then we continuously evaluate where you are and what you want. Many clients go to every other week appointments, then monthly.

Each person’s therapy is unique and thus occurs at its own pace.

Do you work with people from diverse backgrounds? What about LBGTQ populations?
I do work with people from diverse backgrounds (ethnicities, religious, socioeconomic, geographic, sexual preference, etc). I welcome all clients without respect to religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, or socioeconomic background or position.